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27 / 09 2022

Bamboo Coffee Cup 250Ml – Our Best Selling Products

Bamboo Coffee Cup 250Ml

In addition to ceramic cups, bamboo cups have become increasingly popular. Customers have more options to buy cups based on their health status. Bamboo Coffee Cup 250Ml are favored because of their average volume and manifold purposes of usage.

Bamboo Coffee Cup 250Ml

Bamboo Coffee Cup 250Ml

Characteristics of Bamboo Coffee Cup at

  • Bamboo cups are artificially produced from 100% natural bamboo without any poisonous chemicals or bleach.
  • Bamboo products are natural and safe with the original smell of bamboo instead of the brimstone or strong paint smell.
  • This product is reusable with longevity. However, it should sometimes be dried in the sun and stored in dry places to avoid moldy. Keeping in water for a long time can also harm the product.


HeightBrim DiameterCapacity
11 cm~7.5 cm~250ml

This model is sold at a reasonable price (only from 60k per one – depending on the quantity) combined with name or logo laser engraving service.

Versatile Uses: This is perfect for any type of event: weddings, baby showers, ceremonies, birthday parties, picnics, camping…

When using bamboo products, note:

1- Do not put in the microwave/oven
2 – Do not leave for a long time / soak in water overnight
3 – Do not boil the product again
4 – Do not soak detergents with water
5 – Do not use iron, or stainless steel to clean, soft cloth should be used

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