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26 / 10 2023

Bamboo Cups with Vietnamese Patterns – Meaningful Gifts for Foreigners

Bamboo Cups with Vietnamese Patterns – Meaningful Gifts for Foreigners

Vietnam is famous for its bamboo products, including bamboo cups. Bamboo cups decorated with traditional Vietnamese patterns will be a very impressive and unique cultural gift for friends from all over the world.

Ly Tre Khắc Họa Tiết Việt Nam - Quà Tặng Ý Nghĩa Cho Người Nước Ngoài

Bamboo Cups with Vietnamese Patterns – Meaningful Gifts for Foreigners

1. Outstanding features of the design- Bamboo Cups with Vietnamese Patterns:

  • The cultural characteristics and famous places of Vietnam such as ao dai, conical hat, Dong Ho painting, Lotus girl in West Lake, Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon, Ben Thanh Market, … are designed by us to put on the bamboo cup Vietnam.
Ly Tre Khắc Họa Tiết Áo Dài Sẽ Là Món Quà Vô Cùng Ý Nghĩa

Bamboo Cup with Ao Dai Pattern Will Be A Very Meaningful Gift

  • Bamboo cups are light, durable, hard to break … will be the advantages to send far away.
  • Made from natural bamboo, these bamboo cups are very durable and biodegradable. This is one of the “sustainable” solutions to replace plastic cups, disposable paper cups.
  • Using high-end Laser engraving technology, ensuring that the pattern on the cup does not fade over time.
Sử dụng công nghệ khắc Laser cao cấp, đảm bảo họa tiết trên ly không bị phai mờ theo thời gian

Using high-end Laser engraving technology

2. Details of Bamboo Cup with Vietnamese Patterns

  • Material: Natural bamboo
  • Color: Natural yellow of bamboo
  • Package weight: 300 grams
  • Bamboo cups are handmade from natural bamboo, no chemicals, no bleach.
  • Bamboo cups are made from natural bamboo, grown in Vietnam, very safe for health.
  • Bamboo cups can be used multiple times, long-term use, occasionally need to sunbathe and store in a dry place to avoid mold, limit soaking in water for a long time.

3. Why should you choose The Bamboo Cups.Vn?

+ Cups was born only to specialize in cups, so Cups team has high expertise in researching materials as well as designing, creating bamboo cup models.

+ Cups chooses bamboo trees that are over 5 years old to ensure that they are not wormy and when heated, the bamboo will not shrink.

Hộp đựng ly tre cực xinh

Beautiful bamboo cup box

+ Bamboo cups at Cups use 5-round Smooth Grinding technology for the mouth of the bamboo cup. The result is that the mouth of Cups’ bamboo cup is soft and smooth, ensuring safety for the user’s “Lips”

+ To increase the “durability” of the bamboo cup, Cups uses a food-grade paint layer to coat the outside of the bamboo cup, to limit natural mold. This is a product used by famous household brands in the world to coat chopsticks, cutting boards, spoons … or utensils made from bamboo material that come into direct contact with food.

Safety certificate for paint coating Bamboo cup

4. Note:

  • Because it is handmade, there will be a slight difference (Not significant) in size, color engraving, thickness.
  • In addition, Cups also has a service of engraving according to customer’s own requirements.
  • The larger the quantity, the better the price.
  • Full invoice.

Thank you very much for trusting and supporting Vietnamese Bamboo Cup products

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