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13 / 07 2021

Dark Cyan Cylindrical Mug – Logo Printing 

Dark Cyan Cylindrical Mug – Logo Printing 

If you are a color lover and keen on vibrant mugs, this dark cyan cylindrical mug is worth your attention.

1. Beautiful design of Dark Cyan Cylindrical Mug

The white and dark cyan cylindrical porcelain cups have a fairly common design, surely it is not difficult for you to spot one like these around us.

The mug is featured with a simple cylindrical design along with a minimal and comfortable handle. 

A significant point of the product is the entire mug covered with impressive colored enamel. 

2. PDP 

~ 10 cm~ 8,5 cm450ml300g

3. Why is Dark Cyan Cylindrical Mugs a popular choice among businesses?   

Owning an impressive and vibrant cyan enamel look, Dark Cyan Cylindrical Mug with your printed logo can be a gift to your employees. Via this way, you will definitely create a glass that is not incompatible with any other company, any other business.

Especially, this model of mugs has a pretty simple shape. The high-class white and cyan ceramic mugs are suitable gifts for employees on special occasions.

Nowadays, ceramic cups have become more and more than just essential items. They are used as utensils for drinking and decoration, flower arrangements, pen holders, and unique corporate gifts in the business world.

Besides, ceramic mugs are suitable for many different drinks, from cold to hot beverages, you name it. 


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