16 / 08 2021

Recycle Coffee Grounds – 5 Surprising Benefits

Recycle Coffee Grounds – 5 Surprising Benefits

When it comes to coffee grounds, many people will just throw them away. There is a fact that when you make coffee, only 5% of its value has been taken out. If you can make use of the 95%, coffee grounds can be come the valuable resource for beauty remendies.

Recycle coffee grounds – 5 effective methods

The surprising benefits of coffee grounds

1. Fridge’s odors warrior 

Coffee grounds can actually neutralize odors really well. Leave a small bowl of coffee grounds in your fridge overnight, the unpleasant smell that’s been bothering you will completely disappear. This fridge clean-off also helps you preserve food better.

Repeat this process every few weeks for the best results. You can also leave coffee grounds in it for days to completely eliminate the fishy smell of meat, fish, etc.

Besides, if fish or garlic smell doesn’t go off after cooking, rub your hands with a handful of coffee grounds, then wash them with soap.

you can use it to neutralize the fish or garlic odors

2. Lighten your skin-tone 

In addition to the exfoliating effect, the nutritional ingredients in coffee grounds like vitamins, minerals also nourish healthy skin, stimulate the production of new cells and improve effective pigmentation. Hence, you can use coffee grounds to help you possess the beautiful skin of your dreams

3. Natural cleaning scrub 

You’ve almost heard of the benefits of coffee grounds if you love naturally homemade beauty products. Coffee grounds can stimulate lipid metabolism and reduce excess fat.

Mix coffee grounds with essential oils on the skin. They will show the effect of softening the stomach, removing sebum on the skin, tightening the skin, and unclogging the pores.

In areas that easily accumulate fat such as thighs, abdomen, arms, hips, massaging them with coffee grounds can also reduce excess fat.

You can mix coffee grounds with soap or body wash in a sponge, then srub it gently on the skin. This method helps unclog pores and exfoliate, possibly making skin smoother.

4. Repels insects, pests, and fleas naturally

You can sprinkle some coffee grounds in a potted plant or home garden. This is a great resource of natural and harmless insect repellants.

If your pets have fleas on their bodies, apply a little coffee grounds on their fur and brush numerous times, it will help remove fleas without using chemicals.

Put coffee grounds in pots or plant roots to prevent diseases effectively and reduce the attack of insects.

5. Organic plant fertilizer

Coffee grounds are an excellent soil fertilizer owing to their high nitrogen, magnesium, and potassium.

They are especially suitable for plants that prefer acidic soil environments such as roses, sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions, aloe vera, evergreens, azaleas, etc.

Coffee grounds can be used for most plants because the acidity in coffee is not as high as you might think since most of the acid has been extracted during the brewing process.

Soil with good acidity will help plants absorb nutrients better.

coffee grounds are also a good source of organic fertilizer

If you have some coffee grounds, keep them and make your baby plants bloom.

Cups hopes that this article finds you well and helps you on recycling coffee grounds effectively.


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