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27 / 05 2021

Thai Porcelain Mug 320ML – Beauty of the Elegance

Thai Porcelain Mug Puts On the Beauty of Elegance

If your business hooks on minimal details in design and sophistication in materials and colors, then this Thai porcelain mug is one of the best choices for corporate gifts.

Ly sứ Thái Lan cao cấp

Premium Thai porcelain mug – Printing logo with no limitations

1 – Minimal Design

Thai porcelain mug is designed with a simple cylindrical shape. You can easily spot the design of this model in daily life.


Thai porcelain mug is designed with a simple cylindrical shape

The large C-shaped design handle makes the mug super comfortable to hold.

The product is covered with a layer of white enamel which creates a new look for this model of porcelain mug.

2. PDP

~ 9,5 cm~ 8,5 cm360 ml400 g

3. Why Thai porcelain mug is suitable for business gifts? 

In 2020, Thai porcelain mug is the most chosen product by businesses as gifts due to its economical budget (only from 69-150k / gift set). So why is this model so popular?

1- The model of Thai mug is colored with pure white porcelain, which makes your business logo stand out while printing. Hence, your brand will be clearly engraved in the user’s impression and last longer in their memory. 

2- With such a simple design, the product is suitable for all users.

3- Undergone the firing process at 1280 degrees Celsius, the glaze of this mug model achieves a high degree of crystallization of the molecules, which makes it durable and firm.

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