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22 / 07 2021

Top 5 best logo-printed ceramic mug in 2020

Stepped aside with the breakthrough in industrial development, many entrepreneurs have been founded and opened to the country’s economy as a meet to social demands. One of many issues that big or small companies have encountered is to choose the right corporate gift matching their brand logo and just the right budget. Given the fact stated, logo-printed mugs have been in a hot favor of several businesses in 2020. 

May introduce you readers to our top 5 best chosen ceramic mugs by our clients in 2020. 

#Top 5 Best chosen ceramic mugs by entrepreneurs in 2020

1 – White Cylindrical Ceramic Mug

Our ceramic mugs are coming from Bat Trang, Gia Lam. They have undergone a temperature of 1300 Celius degrees; under this burning process, the mugs can be luminescent and got rid of toxic chemicals. 

Especially, white cylindrical ceramic mugs are the best-seller items at in 2020 due to their quality and good price. 

Giấy tờ kiểm định về chất lượng sản phẩm ly sứ Vinacup

 Certificate of quality inspection of Vinacup ceramic mugs

  • This line of products is suitable for printing logos with a minimum quantity of 50 mugs. 



Price (VND) 43,00040,00038,000Call

HOTLINE/ ZALO: 093 432 5992

2 – Inner Color Mugs  

The products have the same design as White Cylindrical Ceramic Mug shaped in cylinder and C handle. A distinguishing point lays in the inner of the mug which has been covered with beautiful colored enamel. You can have them printed with the quantity from 1 mug. This appealing difference helps Inner Color Mugs be rated as top 2.  

With a wide range of over 10 colors, Inner Color Mug is a great item for your brand awareness. 

Đa dạng về màu sắc - Ly sứ đồng bộ màu thương hiệu

Vary in colors – Synchronize business logo  


Price (VND)64,00052,00045,000Call

HOTLINE/ ZALO: 098 422 9110

3 – High Cylindrical Ceramic Mug

This product can be image-printed by using sublimation printing method. Up to 12cm in height, this is one of the mugs with a large volume of 0.52 liters, which will definitely be an ideal gift for office workers.

High-cylinder porcelain cups can also be printed with a photo of employees. This is definitely a great gift for customers and employees, which expresses gratitude on special occasions such as birthdays, promotions, conferences, or sponsorship. 


Price (VND)60,00050,00045,000Call

HOTLINE/ ZALO: 093 432 5992

4 – Flame-shaped Knob Jumbo Mug – with Lid

The flame-lidded ceramic mugs win customers at first sight by their plump, cute but still extremely elegant appearance. The flame-shaped lid knob creates a new and unique highlight to the mug itself. This model is ranked at fourth place and tends to become a HOT product in 2021.

The product has 2 versions: Original Version & Premium Version

Original version – Ceramic mug with flame-shaped lid

And the Premium version is polished with luxurious 24K gold at

Premium version


HOTLINE/ ZALO: 093 432 5992

5 – High-grade Gold Bordered Ceramic Mug 

When Cups imported high-end products to Vietnam three years ago, we only dared to import in extremely small quantities. However, 2020 marked a turning point, the trend of corporate gifts has gradually changed with a demand for higher budget; businesses understand the importance of taking care of loyal customers.


HOTLINE/ ZALO: 093 432 5992

4 reasons for businesses to choose printed ceramic mugs as corporate gifts

1- Ceramic mugs are daily used items, which means they are highly practical as a gift.

2- There are many printing methods that can easily and quickly print logos on ceramic mugs.

3- Can supply in bulk in urgent time (1-3 days)

4- You can freely choose the design you want to print on the product.

That’s what makes them stand out from other products.

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