15 / 06 2024

Where to Buy Wholesale Bamboo Cups in Vietnam?

Wholesale Bamboo Cups from Factory

Looking for wholesale bamboo cups? Want to order smaller quantities but still get wholesale prices? has you covered. With 10 years of experience distributing and manufacturing bamboo cups, we’re confident we can meet your needs. Let’s dive into the details of our bamboo cups!


Wholesale Bamboo Cups from Factory

1. Why are Bamboo Cups the Most Affordable in Vietnam?

With a decade of experience in the cup industry, is a direct manufacturer of bamboo cups in Vietnam. Thanks to abundant raw materials and the use of advanced machinery for bamboo processing, we’ve optimized production time, increased output, and enhanced the quality of our bamboo cups.

Wholesale Bamboo Cups from Factory

As a result:

  • currently supplies wholesale bamboo cup blanks to over 500 gift companies nationwide.
  • Large-scale production allows us to offer the most competitive prices.
  • We always offer special discounts to businesses that choose bamboo cups.
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Wholesale Bamboo Cups with Market-Leading Quality

2. Wholesale Bamboo Cups with Market-Leading Quality

Over our 10 years in business, we’ve received many “stringent quality” requests from clients. As a result, bamboo cups now lead the market in terms of quality.

This is evident in the large orders we receive from renowned companies such as Coca-Cola, BOSCH, AMANN, MAI LINH TAXI, MB Military Bank, BOE from South Korea, Saigon Eye Hospital, and more…

In today’s modern life, bamboo products not only carry cultural and artistic value but are also environmentally friendly, contributing to environmental preservation.

Numerous major brands have chosen bamboo cups.

For wholesale bamboo cups at the best prices, with special discounts for businesses, contact us today:

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