25 / 07 2021

Why Should We Put Beer in Glass instead of Plastic Cups?

Why Should We Put Beer in Glass instead of Plastic Cups?

Most of the beer craft owners sell their beer in glass mugs instead of plastic ones. Which reasons can best explain this?

Why should we put beer in glass, but not plastic?

1 – Glass helps preserve the taste of beer

In fact, beer can completely come in plastic cups or glass. Some street stalls use plastic ones because of their low cost and with plastic meterial, it can also limit the risk of cracking during use.

Nevertheless, putting beer into plastic cups does not only reduce the taste of it but also significantly affects the health of the drinker.

In Western countries, beer is often stored and poured into containers made from glass. They state that plastic material will affect the taste of beer; since plastic is more porous than glass, which makes the drink easily volatile.

Thủy tinh giúp bảo quản hương vị bia tốt hơn

storing beer in glass helps preserve it better

2 – The aesthetics

Another reason why glass is popular among beer market is its aesthetics. Glasses often have a smooth and transparent surface that allows users to see the drink through.Thereby stimulating the taste buds and creating joys for them to enjoy thie drink better.

In addition, glass items ensure in santinity and safety to the users. They are not left with odor from the last drink after regular washing up.

3 – Varying in models

If plastic cups have only a few simple models, beer glasswares are very diverse in designs and types. Even, each type of beer will have a different type of glass accompanying with it.

Depending on the specific beer, people will choose the right shape to ensure the best experience for the drinkers.

Hope this article help you explain well why beer holders are often made of glass instead of plastic. Browse more articles about glasswares on the website or hit the hotline for free consultancy.


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