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Bamboo Cups at CUPS.VN – How it’s made

Bamboo Cups: Manufacturing Process

Recently, people are more leaning towards bamboo straws instead of plastic ones; bamboo products such as bamboo cups have been in favor of many from around the world. So what’s the significant point of this product and how do they make them? 

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The process of making a bamboo cup

How Bamboo Cups Are Made: 

To make a bamboo cup with engraved letters and delicate patterns, there are many steps encountering: 

1 – Material Selection: 

The selected material is natural bamboo stalks with 60-90mm in diameters. The bamboos must be around 3-6 years of age to meet the sized requirement. Other qualities to choose bamboo stalks also include those with no bamboo borer and not too young. 

Bamboo cups’ materials at are usually well-selected in the northern area of Vietnam.

1. lựa chọn thành phần

Material selection

The selecting step plays a crucial part in the afterward quality of bamboo cups and passing strict exporting requirements. For this reason, this step especially takes us a lot of time. 

2 – The Early-stage and Producing Step

  • Step 1: Classify bamboo stalks based on their diameters. Then cut them into 8 – 15 cm pieces in length. Use sandpapers and a grinder to polish the in and out of the tip. The insides are cleaned by specialized brushes. 
Tiến hành phân loại đường kính cốc tre

Classifying bamboo stalks

  • Step 2: The cut stalks are then washed under high pressure of water before going in boiled water.
được rửa sạch dưới vòi nước áp suất cao trước khi đun với nước sôi

wash under high pressure of water before going in boiled water

  • Step 3: Put them into boiled water to release all the sap and residue. 

hấp ống hút và cốc tre để loại bỏ vi khuẩn, chống mối mọt (2)

Steaming bamboo straws and bamboo cups to remove bacteria and prevent termites from entering.

  • Step 4: These bamboo cups will be sun-dried and dried at 150 Celsius degrees to ensure there is no water left in the cups and completely remove harmful bacteria.

3 – Decorate bamboo cups 

Cups use a high-tech laser engraving machine to adorn the bamboo cups with personal designs. 

At, a professional and creative design team is always ready to support you. We have produced thousand cups that are popular with customers both at home and abroad.

4 – Product packing

The bamboo cups will be carefully checked for the last time; those that meet the standards will be packed and put into the carton box according to the specified standards and designs. hopes this article provides useful and descriptive information to help you better visualize the steps to make bamboo cups that you are going to purchase. hope bamboo cups could replace disposable plastic products which not only harm the environment but also affect the users’ health.

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